Welcome! My blog is about two guys who might have the cutest bromance on the whole internet. And oh, yeah, they are kind of famous on YouTube too. They make me really happy and i wish to meet them one day. Don't be shy to ask me things!
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Anonymous sent: Go to the fairground with Ian or for a meal at a posh restaurant with Anthony?

wow, that was a hard one! both sounds fantastic… but i think fairground with Ian, it sounds really cosy!

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If something makes you happy, you should NEVER care what other people think. No exceptions.

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i have my new theme now and it’s super duper awesome

i worked so hard to make it look like i wanted it to look.

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So my little brother bought this Guinea pig. He named it Olivia Rebecca. The last name after me… How cute!? She is 5 weeks.
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My Dilemma

I am too depressed to be really happy, but i am too happy to be really depressed.

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Where is everyone when you really need to talk?

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What? Goodnight!

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BLOGRATES! (。♥‿♥。)

Yay! I love blogrates! So here is a new one! So first you must;

follow me

send me your favorite dish, favorite Smosh video or anything else that is your favorite!

I will do all who send me a msg!

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I found this great theme blog with beautiful themes! Check it out! omlthemes

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Smosh network?

Would anyone be interested about joining a Smosh networkif i made one? Everyone can join of course! You can get help with your theme/edits/gifs, find new smosh blogs to follow and gain new followers yourself! And of course we will talk about Ian and Anthony all the time!!! Good idea?

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Smosh 30 days challenge: day 8

from this list

Do you own any smosh merch? If no, why not?

YES i do! two wristbands and the tshirt with them as zombies! I should post a picture of them!

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