This is a fan blog about Smosh.
I post own my gifs,edits,opinions
and other things that makes me laugh.
who need to be serious anyway?

smosh schedule

Ian is bored/Lunchtime with smosh.

gametime with smosh.

smosh main channel video.
Game Bang.


Nothing, final exams and stuff.
My future move to London.


coming soon!


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So my little brother bought this Guinea pig. He named it Olivia Rebecca. The last name after me… How cute!? She is 5 weeks.

My Dilemma

I am too depressed to be really happy, but i am too happy to be really depressed.

Where is everyone when you really need to talk?

What? Goodnight!

BLOGRATES! (。♥‿♥。)

Yay! I love blogrates! So here is a new one! So first you must;

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send me your favorite dish, favorite Smosh video or anything else that is your favorite!

I will do all who send me a msg!

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I found this great theme blog with beautiful themes! Check it out! omlthemes

Smosh network?

Would anyone be interested about joining a Smosh networkif i made one? Everyone can join of course! You can get help with your theme/edits/gifs, find new smosh blogs to follow and gain new followers yourself! And of course we will talk about Ian and Anthony all the time!!! Good idea?

Smosh 30 days challenge: day 8

from this list

Do you own any smosh merch? If no, why not?

YES i do! two wristbands and the tshirt with them as zombies! I should post a picture of them!


Everyone keeps telling me i’m addicted to taking selfies. They must be addicted to being stupid because I hardly ever take selfies.



i just wanted to tell you how fuck up we are sometimes.
i am a new fan to be honnest, the first video i’ve ever seen was back in 2007 or something when my big brother showed me the pokemon and the food battle videos. i loveeeed smosh, but since i’m french i was 10 i need subtitles i coudnt watch…

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